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19 videos of Kanchipuram priest mms scandal | Kancheepuram Temple Priest Devanathan under mms Scandal | Devanathan revealed all Secrets | mms scandal in temple

Police revealed Priest Devanathan :

The police said that the videos contained graphic videos of the priest indulging in the sexual acts with at least four women while performing the rites of worship, taking short breaks to attend to his regular business with the devotees.

The women are probably among the ones who come to the temple regularly. The 19 videos of the Kanchipuram priest scandal, each running for about 90 minutes, have been released on the internet, probably by Devanathan himself, and are circulating via MMS.

The CDs were discovered by the police while they were being sold. Devanathan escaped along with his family, but surrendered four days later. He has not been granted bail.

The police is now searching for technician who has uploaded these online. Both priest and technician will be booked under the new IT act.

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